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Using January/February 2020 in Families

Here are some ideas for using the January/February issue of Pockets, on the theme of New Beginnings, in your home:

  • Read 7 Small Changes To Get Started On (page 7) and New Year, New Plans (pages 38-39), and talk about changes you want to make this year and how you might get started.
  • Read Do 1 Thing (pages 8-9) and decide on 1 Thing you will do each week as a family to help others.
  • Check out the reader photos on pages 14-16, and plan a family photo hike in a park or around your neighborhood.
  • Follow the readings from Pocketsful of Scripture (pages 14-15) together.
  • Make Ginger Snaps (page 25) together, and share some with a neighbor.
  • Read Where in God’s World? (pages 28-30). Talk about places you would like to travel and what you would most like to see there. Pick one of the countries mentioned for each of the next few weeks, and pray for the people of that country.
  • Take the What’s New with You? quiz (pages 42-43) together and talk about your answers.
  • Do the Family Time activity (page 48).

Mel Hooper

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