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Using November 2018 in Groups

Though Pockets is primarily a resource for children’s personal use, the magazine can be used in groups as supplemental Sunday-school material or with weeknight groups or Pockets clubs. Here are some suggestions for using the November issue, on the theme of Hospitality in weekly segments.

Week One:

Read: There’s Always Room for More (pages 2-4)

Discuss: Is it hard or easy for you to talk to people you’ve just met? What helps you when you want to be friendly to someone you don’t know well? What makes it hard sometimes?

Pray: To be open to making new friends

Do: Make cards to be given to visitors to your church. Talk about what else your group can do to make visitors feel welcome.


Week Two:

Read: Those People (pages 10-12)

Discuss: Can you think of a time when you’ve found it hard to welcome someone else? (Maybe they seemed too different than you, or maybe you just weren’t happy they were there.) Were you able to help them feel welcome anyway? If so, what helped you? If not, how did you feel about not welcoming them? How do you think they felt?

Pray: To remember that God loves all people and wants us to treat them with kindness and respect

Do: Read about the new contest on page 24 and work on your entries.


Week Three:

Read: Unwelcome Adventure (page 32-34)

Discuss: How has someone made you feel welcome when you were the new person in school, or a neighborhood, or a group? What does that feel like when someone includes you and tries to get to know you? What did you learn from your experience? Has there ever been a time when you were new and no one seemed to care that you were there? How did that feel?

Pray: A prayer of thanks for those who have made us feel welcome

Do: Read the quiz on pages 42-43 and talk about your answers.


Week Four:

Read: The Day India Visited Minnesota (pages 44-46)

Discuss: Sierra wanted to help Arya feel included because she remembered how she felt when she was new. What experiences have you had that remind you to help others? What else makes you want to include new people?

Pray: For people who have had to move a long way from their homes

Do: If possible, as a group visit some older church members who can’t leave their homes. If it’s not possible to visit, make simple “care packages” for these people.





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