Using Pockets in Groups

Though Pockets is primarily a resource for children’s personal use, the magazine can be used in groups as supplemental Sunday-school material or with weeknight groups or Pockets clubs. Here are some suggestions for using the December issue, on the theme of Waiting and Welcoming, in weekly segments.

Week One:

Read: Lost and Found Dog (pages 2-4)

Discuss: Have you ever given up something you really cared about in order to help someone else? What did you give up? How did you feel at the time? How did you feel after? (If some group members have never had this experience, ask them to think about ways other people have sacrificed for them.)

Pray: People who are lonely

Do: Make Christmas cards for church members who can’t leave their homes. If possible, deliver some of them in person.


Week Two:

Read: Tree Frog Trail (pages 17-19)

Discuss: Do you ever feel like you’re so busy getting ready for Christmas that it’s hard to focus on Jesus? What are some ways you can keep your focus on Jesus, even when it’s a busy time?

Pray: To focus on Jesus as you get ready for Christmas

Do: Make one of the recipes on page 16 to share.


Week Three:

Read: Christmas without Grandma (page 34-36)

Discuss: This is a good opportunity to talk about the fact that although we usually think of Christmas as a happy time for everyone, sometimes people feel sad at Christmas. It may be because someone they love has died, as it is for Lexie and her family in the story. Sometimes it may be for other reasons. Help members of the group understand that it’s okay to feel sad, even when other people seem super happy, and that God loves and cares for us—no matter how we’re feeling.

Pray: People who are feeling sad this Christmas

Do: Read the quiz on pages 42-43 and talk about your answers.


Week Four:

Read: The Joy of Christmas (pages 44-46)

Discuss: How do you share the joy of Christmas with other people? Do you think the people around you know that your joy comes from Jesus? How would they know that?

Pray: For everyone to experience the joy of Jesus

Do: Challenge each person in your group to name one way they will share the joy of Christmas with someone in the coming week. (Check in next week to find out how it went.)


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