November 2014

Thankful Hearts

As we recognize and acknowledge such gifts, we learn to live with hearts that are truly thankful.

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November 1-8:

For your community

*In honor of All Saints Day (November 1), talk with your family about saints you know in your community – living or deceased – for whom you are thankful.

*Volunteer to help pick up trash or recycle in your neighborhood.

*Gather gently used books and donate them to your local library or mission.

*Pray for the government leaders in your community.

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Advent Devotions

by Janet R. Knight

You can buy Advent wreaths or make your own by setting four candles in a circle and surrounding them with greenery. Advent wreaths usually have three purple candles and one pink candle or four purple candles. (The pink candle is lit on the third Sunday of Advent.) A taller, white candle (the “Christ candle”), representing Jesus, goes in the center of the wreath.

First Sunday of Advent

One: Advent begins today.

All: Advent is a time when we wait for Jesus.

Light the first candle.

One: God’s people waited a long time for the Messiah to come.

All: And each year we wait for Jesus to come again into our hearts and homes.

One: The prophet Isaiah wrote, “No one has ever heard, more

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About the November 2014 issue

November 2014—Thankful Hearts

Living with a thankful heart means giving thanks every day, not just on the fourth Thursday of November. We are constantly surrounded with advertising messages telling us that we must have the newest, the best, the most, in order to be happy. How do we help our children see the emptiness of such messages? How do we help them to cultivate an awareness of and appreciation for God’s gifts that we receive every day? God’s gifts come to us in many ways—a hug or smile when we’re sad, the strength to run and play, the beauty of creation, food to eat, a warm home, a faithful friend, a loving family. As we recognize and acknowledge such gifts, we learn to live with hearts that are truly thankful.


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