November 2015


This issue we want to help children understand that happiness doesn’t depend on wearing the best clothes or having the new toy. To be thankful you have enough.

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Do 1 Thing

November 22-30

For Thanksgiving

* If your family is having Thanksgiving guests, help get your home ready.

* Send a card or email to family members you won’t be with this Thanksgiving, letting them know you’re thinking of them.

* Use some of your own money to buy non-perishable food items to donate to your local food pantry.

* Pray for people who are away from their families on Thanksgiving.

11/02/2015 at 01:15 pm


Advent Devotions

by Anne Broyles

You can buy an Advent wreath or make your own by setting four candles in a circle and surrounding them with greenery. Advent wreaths usually have three purple candles and one pink candle, or four purple candles. If your wreath has a pink candle, light it on the third Sunday of Advent. A taller, white candle (the “Christ candle”), representing Jesus, goes in the center.

First Sunday of Advent

One: Jesus is coming! Advent is our time to prepare for his birth.

All: The light of the candle and the light of God’s word help us get ready.

Light the first candle.

Read Isaiah 2:1-5.

11/06/2015 at 12:33 pm

banana bread

Recipe on Page 21



We’ve discovered that an ingredient was left off of the pumpkin bread recipe in our November issue. Here’s the corrected recipe. We apologize for any inconvenience!

This recipe will make two loaves of pumpkin bread or 24 muffins, so there’s plenty to share! This uses canned pumpkin; but if you have fresh cooked pumpkin, that would be delicious. more

11/06/2015 at 01:19 pm

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