October 2018

the Golden Rule

This issue should help children see how the Golden Rule applies to their
everyday lives and invites us to think about what the
world might be like if every single person followed that rule.

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Do 1 Thing

What is Do 1 Thing? Often we think we have to do big things to make a difference in the world. But little things can be really important, too! Challenge yourself to Do 1 Thing (from this list or your own ideas) each week to make a difference. Then challenge your family and friends to join you! more

09/28/2018 at 09:55 am

Amazing Kids!

Marlee Whitlock, 10, of Indiana considered a question posed by her church in Indianapolis: How could you use $100 to make the world a better place? more

10/05/2018 at 12:14 pm

The List

6 Golden Rule Rules to Live By

by Karen M. Leet


“Do to others as you would have them to do to you.” Yep, life would be a whole lot better if everybody really lived by that rule. Nobody being mean or getting even. No bullies. No liars. No cheaters. We’re definitely not there yet, but here are a few ways we can get started. more

09/28/2018 at 07:15 am

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